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CodeUnivProject TitleDomainVenueSupervisors

001Double-Peak Response of Large-Area Avalanche Photodiodes to X-RaysInstrumentationLIBPhys-UCCristina Maria Bernardes Monteiro, Luis Manuel Panchorrinha Fernandes
002Calibration of the SNO+ neutrino physics experimentInstrumentationLIPJose Maneira, Gersende Prior
003High Accuracy Primary Laser Vibration Metrology at High Frequency RegimesMetrologyLaboratory of Optics, Lasers and Systems; of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of LisbonAlexandre Pereira Cabral, Maria Isabel de Araújo Godinho
004Development of a wavelength dispersive X-ray system with double monochromatic crystalsInstrumentationDepartment of Physics, UNL and Department of Phyisics, UAJosé Paulo Santos, Maria Luisa Carvalho
005Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis imaging – Development and applicationsInstrumentationDepartment of Physics, UNL and Department of Physics, UAJosé Paulo Santos, João Veloso, Maria Luisa Carvalho
006Diagnostic plasmas using X-ray spectraMetrologyDepartment of Physics, UNL and Department of Phyisics, UAJosé Paulo Santos, José Pires Marques
007Metrology and diagnostic X-ray spectra in plasmasMetrologyDepartment of Physics, ULJosé Manuel Pires Marques, José Paulo Santos
009Implementation of a crystal-polarization dispersive XRF spectrometerRadiation, nuclear and atomic techniquesDepartment of Physics, UNLJosé Paulo Santos, Pedro Amaro
010High precision tests of QED – Measurements of the hyperfine splitting (HFS) of the μp and μ3He+ ground states and the transition energies in highly-charged ionsMetrologyDepartment of Physics, UNLJosé Paulo Santos, Paul Indelicato
011Boron nano-particles in Liquid Ionization Chambers for neutron detection InstrumentationLIBPhys-UCFernando Domingues Amaro, Carlos Davide da Rocha Azevedo
012Optical instrumentation towards the concentration of light in turbid mediaOptical technologyLaboratorio de Óptica, Lasers e Sistemas, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa, Polo do Lumiar, Estrada do Passo do Lumiar, 22, Edifício D, 1º Andar, 1648-033 Lisboa, Portugal.João Miguel Pinto Coelho, Pedro Manuel Cardoso Vieira
014Development and optimization of fiber optic sensors produced by femtosecond laserOptical technologyI3N-Aveiro Paulo Fernando da Costa Antunes, Francisco Manuel Moita Araújo
015Development of Robust and Fail-Safe frame for Slow control infrastructure to direct dark matter search experiment Xenon1TInstrumentationLIBPhysUCJoão Manuel Rendeiro Cardoso
016500W-class visible solar-pumped alexandrite lasers for aluminium welding applications. Optical technologyCEFITECDawei Liang, Paulo Jorge Morais
017Development of fast pulse analysis algorithms for the GPU-based online monitoring system of the LZ dark matter search experimentInstrumentationLIPAlexandre Lindote, Francisco Neves
018The METIS imaging-spectrometer for the ESO Extremely Large TelescopeInstrumentationCENTRAAntonio Amorim, Paulo Garcia
019All-reflective optical designs to ultraprecise 21st century differential Space As-trometry missions: from Dark Matter to Habitable Exo-EarthsOptical technologyCENTRA-SIM and Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade de LisboaAntonio Amorim, Alberto Krone Martins
020The design and construction of the telescope system for the AIM satellite laser altimeter and Meteorite shape mapperInstrumentationCENTRA-SIM and Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade de Lisboa and EFACEC SPACEAntonio Amorim, Paulo Romeu Gordo, João Costa Pinto & Arlindo Marques
021System for storage of hydrogen as an energy carrierEnabling technologiesCFisUC, Department of Physics, University of CoimbraJoão Manuel de Sá Campos Gil
022New methods for radon detection and surveyRadiation, nuclear and atomic techniquesLIP- Laboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de PartículasLuis Peralta, Susana Barbosa
023Micro-fabricated and coated fiber sensing devicesOptical technologyI3N - Aveiro Paulo Fernando da Costa Antunes, Nélia Jordão Alberto
024ESA selected XIPE Mission Focal Plane Gas Mixture OptimizationInstrumentationLaboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de PartículasRui Miguel Curado da Silva, Jorge Manuel Maia Pereira
025Digital Noise Generators for ADC Built-In Self-Test InstrumentationBiosystems & Integrative Sciences InstituteGuiomar Gaspar de Andrade Evans
026Novel lanthanide-based emitters for circularly polarized organic light-emitting diodesOptical technologyCFisUCManuela Ramos Marques da Silva, Pablo Martín-Ramos, Sérgio Domingos
027Development of accelerated jet substructure parallel algorithms using graphical processing units for the ATLAS upgradeInstrumentationLaboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de PartículasPatricia Conde, Ricardo Goncalo
029Development of strategies for increasing sensitivity and image contrast in EasyPET system based on intelligent detector pre-imaging scanRadiation, nuclear and atomic techniquesDRIM lab (Deteção de Radiação e Imagiologia Médica) - Departamento de Física e I3N-AveiroJoão Filipe Calapez de Albuquerque Veloso, Ismael Filipe Correia de Castro
030Data processing and Human Machine Interface for the monitoring and control system of LZ dark matter experimentInstrumentationLIP-CoimbraVladimir Solovov, Cláudio Frederico Pascoal da Silva
031Development of a state-of-the-art energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer for biomedical applicationsInstrumentationLIBPhys-UNLMauro Guerra, José Paulo Moreira dos Santos
032Development of a state-of-the-art double crystal wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for nanolayered samples characterizationInstrumentationLIBPhys-UNLMauro António Moreira Guerra, José Paulo Moreira dos Santos
033Development of an automated system for welding quality control in the automotive industryInstrumentationLIBPhys-UNLMauro António Moreira Guerra, Ana Luisa Monteiro da Silva, José Paulo Moreira dos Santos
034Lensless endoscopes for fluorescence microscopy based diagnosisOptical technologyIBILI - Instituto de Imagem Biomédica e Ciências da Vida António Miguel Lino Santos Morgado, Nélia Jordão Alberto, Rui Melo
035Development of a Compton Camera for Nuclear Medical ImagingRadiation, nuclear and atomic techniquesRadiation Detection and Medical Imaging (DRIM) group I3N – Aveiro and Physics Department of University of Aveiro;Carlos Davide da Rocha Azevedo, Fernando Domingues Amaro
036Development of an X-ray spectrometer for measurements of electron impact ionization cross sections of highly charged ionsMetrologyLIBPhys-UNLMauro António Moreira Guerra, José Paulo Moreira dos Santos
037Functional glasses for energy storage: elaboration, characterization and prototypingMetrologyi3N-AveiroManuel Pedro Fernandes Graça, Luis Manuel Cadillon Costa
039Prospects on new high-K materials based on niobate systemsMetrologyi3n - physics Department, Aveiro UniversityManuel PEdro Fernandes Graça
040Structuring IIoT Systems and Applications In Smart Electricity GridsEnabling technologiesLIBPhys-UCFrancisco José de Almeida Cardoso, José Eduardo Gomes Oliveira
041Advanced algorithms for the real time balancing of the energy supply, demand and storage towards nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB)InstrumentationISA Energy/ Virtual Power SolutionsJorge Landeck, Luísa Matos